Men Can Benefit From A Men’s Support Group

Men Can Benefit From A Men’s Support Group


A men’s support or membership group helps men get the support they need as they grow on their personal journeys. If you are considering joining a men’s support group, you’re likely interested in the benefits that come with joining. 

When you join a men’s support group, you get to connect with like-minded guys through weekly or monthly meetings, special events, and topical training. By committing to joining a science-backed men’s support group like EVRYMAN, you’ll tap into amazing life-improving benefits.

Men Can Benefit From A Men’s Support Group

This guide walks you through the four main takeaways you can expect after joining a men’s support or membership group.  

Increased Self-Confidence

If you’re anything like the thousands of men who join men’s support groups, you’re probably facing external and internal pressures to perform and provide without letting your emotions control you. 

And while remaining stoic in the face of struggles can be a badge of honor, it often leads to lowered self-confidence. Hiding your authentic self from the world takes its toll. You may be feeling lost or going through the motions of life while questioning if you’re “man enough” to continue this way. 

Luckily, increased self-confidence is a benefit of joining a men’s support group. Through peer-to-peer meetings and facilitated training, you can find the courage to be vulnerable. Revealing your core values through authentic self-expression in a small group of like-minded men can do a lot to boost your self-confidence and self-worth. 

With the support of a great group of guys, you’ll begin to feel validated in the feelings you’re having about your personal and professional life. With expert tools and true connections to rely on, you’ll gain the self-confidence to live your life the way you always imagined. 

Form Deeper Connections 

As a social species, we are not meant to live our lives in solitude. In fact, a study published in 2017 suggests that forming connections with other people can help you maintain a healthy BMI, control blood sugars, decrease depression, and improve overall mental health, among other things. 

An immediate benefit of joining a men’s support group is connecting with a group of guys who share interests and support each other in their personal development goals. The best men’s support groups offer peer group meetings guided by expert facilitators. These trained experts help the group connect through meaningful conversations that inspire and support you as you work through life’s challenges. 

Learning to communicate effectively in this way is a critical part of forming deep connections with the people in your life. Having a structured, confidential environment to practice these skills is just one benefit of joining a men’s support group. 

Spark Excitement and Fulfillment

What would it feel like to wake up happy? To wake up with purpose and excitement about your life? Well, by joining a men’s support group, you’ll learn firsthand! A benefit of joining a men’s membership group is defining purpose in your life. Dedicating the time and effort to build inner strength, calmness, and a mind-body balance can do a lot to evolve the way you think about your life. 

 Pinpointing the anxious and unproductive thoughts that weigh you down is a critical component of any structured men’s group. Through low-pressure environments, you can share your life experiences and the areas keeping you stuck. Your peers and expert men’s group facilitators can then meet you where you are and help you work through your challenges. 

At EVRYMAN, building emotional intelligence is the foundation of what we do. Emotional intelligence is what you need to thrive in all areas of your life, which is why we offer access to our Fundamentals program as part of our men’s support group. If you’re ready to feel excited and fulfilled by life, then joining a men’s support group is the right move. 

Healthier Relationships 

Making friends as an adult is hard and often awkward. But improving your personal and professional relationships is at the heart of changing your life. 

Having the courage to open yourself up and connect with people on a deeper level can be hard when you’ve been told men shouldn’t show emotions. You’ve been hardwired to keep your guard up at all times. 

The truth is, having meaningful and authentic relationships with those around you often means being uncomfortable.

Showing your vulnerabilities and opening up to those closest to you is a sign of strength, not weakness. If you show up with your guard down, you’re giving others permission to do the same. We’re not wired to do life on our own, and a good men’s support group provides you with the tools to communicate better with those around you.

By offering a structured platform to connect, learn, and grow with other like-minded men, EVRYMAN helps you develop the emotional physiology needed to feel the life force of connection. Stress-tested by guys from all over the world, our programs give you the tools to dig deep and thrive. While every man who joins our group will experience different benefits, we can guarantee you’ll feel more balanced, open, and connected than ever. 

Join our core membership program today to start reaping the rewards of your hard work. 


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