EVRYMAN utilizes the latest research on stress, trauma, polyvagal theory, and attachment theory to use our physiology not as a hindrance but as an untapped asset. Rather than ignore our physiological and emotional responses, we develop skills that make them our allies.

The work of scientists and clinicians such as Stephen Porges, Ph.D., Peter Levine, Ph.D., Sue Johnson, Ph.D., and Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., fostered the development of the EVRYMAN Method.

There are many theories and prescriptions on who a man should be and how he should behave. Some are helpful. At EVRYMAN, we focus on connecting men with disconnected or underutilized resources. Stress, trauma, a lack of secure connection, and societal expectations cause us to create survival strategies that work until these coping mechanisms sabotage our health, happiness, and our relationships.

Attempting to control an unwanted behavior or feelings can have limited benefits. Addressing the psychophysical origins allows the need for survival behavior to dissolve away. When we downregulate our sympathetic and dorsal vagal shutdown (stress) response, we can better experience the parasympathetic response of relaxation and connection.

Men quickly discover that when taught how the body behaves, with a bit of guided practice, previously unchangeable behaviors change. When physiological and emotional causes are addressed, change is more than sustainable. A natural homeostatic state is restored.

EVRYMAN Science applies recent research to help men help themselves. We won’t tell you who you should be. We assist you in using all your resources to rebuild yourself and your life the way you want. As you hone your skill in using your physiological response, you are training to be an elite emotional athlete.

Esther Perel and Owen Marcus of EVRYMAN

“I don't by definition think that men do not talk, I think there are certain things men have learned not to talk about. They need to be given a language and sense that these things are important, and that their physiology is affected. It is the same for women, we are interconnected parts. Her changes affect him and his changes affect hers and the more they change the more possibilities open up for them. These things are interconnected and I support the work that EVRYMAN is doing at this point in social change.” -Esther Perel

Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel is the New York Times bestselling author of The State of Affairs and Mating in Captivity. Her celebrated TED talks have garnered more than 20 million views and she is also the host of the popular podcast Where Should We Begin? Learn more at or by following @EstherPerelOfficial on Instagram.

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EVRYMAN is not therapy, albeit often therapeutic. We do not focus on what is wrong, broken, or diagnosed. We focus on creating safe spaces while giving men the tools and experiences to heal themselves with the help of other men. Rather than analyzing an issue, we help men dig deeper into their own — often disconnected — resources.

These men experience acceptance for parts of themselves that have never been accepted. The men assisting in this process discover more about themselves as well. They experience how the honor of being themselves can be a gift to another man. All this is done while using the body’s physiology to strengthen the experience.

Because of our authentic bottom-up approach, a growing number of therapists are referring their clients to us to enhance the changes they receive in therapy. Often therapists join our events and community because, as men, they need the connection and support that authentic relationships bring.

We are not therapists, and EVRYMAN is not qualified or capable of assisting with issues such as psychotic or suicidal behaviors.

EVRYMAN uses a variation of Somatic Experiencing to work with the body and connect to the disconnected within ourselves. When we are disconnected from our body and our experiences, we are disconnected from our emotions. This can cause reactive behaviors, or the feeling that were not safe in our sympathetic nervous system. Likewise a sense of hopelessness while in our parasympathetic system can develop. 

In EVRYMAN we work with the body’s signals, reconnect to our experiences, and allow a man to increase the space in which they are in control and aware of their emotions. This leads to better emotional regulation, deeper connection with self and others, and reduces the pain of reactionary behaviors or isolation and numbing. 


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Carl Radke

Carl Radke, Pittsburgh native and Syracuse University TV/Film grad has been working around the TV industry since he was 20 as a model/actor/production assistant. You may recognize Carl from starring as a TV personality on the hit Bravo reality series ‘Summer House’ which began airing in 2017 and Season 7 coming on the horizon. He also currently serves as VP of Sales for Loverboy and is a founding member of the growing better for you alcohol brand. Carl has always had a close relationship to mental health advocacy with his involvement with Heal Our Heroes/Headstrong, a non-profit for mental health resources for our military veterans. Through his own mental health journey Carl has been focused on meditation, therapy, acupuncture to compliment his self care. In August 2020 Carl lost his older brother to several years of addiction and mental health issues. Carl hopes to share his journey and his brother’s story to help families and individuals to break the stigma around addiction and mental health in our society.

Carl Radke

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