Connect deeply with yourself and other men to get unstuck, break free from loneliness, and discover more of who you really are.

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Bonds That Last a Lifetime

Did you know being honest and vulnerable triggers the same neurochemicals that extreme sports does? Evryman retreats bring men together to cut the bullshit, push through our fears, and fully honor each other’s pain and brilliance.  It’s electrifying. But unlike downhill skiing or skydiving, your emotional capacity and the bonds you form with other men don’t fade — they last a lifetime.


Walk Away a New Man

Retreats offer a safe, supportive environment where you’ll be guided by experts to access and wake up parts of you that you might have packed away years ago. It can feel a bit scary – and it’s fun as hell. :

  • A retreat day includes:
  • Start your day with a roar and some challenging group yoga
  • Get in emotional reps in small groups (or ‘packs’), then together as a large group
  • Share three delicious, organic meals together
  • Hike and spend some alone time in peaceful, spectacular surroundings
  • Showcase your gifts, or enjoy others at a gut-busting talent show


I left the weekend a new man. My wife and family and the other fifty men at our retreat can attest to it.
Matt 34 St. Louis, Missouri
I have found a new sense of belonging, love, and support that I never knew was possible. I can be honest and open… I can be me!
45, Sonoma, California
By the end of the retreat, I felt utterly transformed. I now realize I had been seeking something for over thirty years, and I found it at the retreat. Now the journey truly begins.
Caleb 32, Richmond, Virginia


When does the retreat begin and end?
  • The retreat begins on Friday at 7pm sharp
  • The retreat ends on or before 4pm on Sunday afternoon
What do I need to bring
  • Outdoor clothing and footwear for hiking
  • Clothing for morning yoga
  • Small backpack for clothing layers and additional items on hikes
  • Water / Nalgene bottle
  • Rain jacket
  • Warm Jacket
  • Yoga mat (note: if you don’t have one we can provide you with one)
When should I arrive at the retreat center?
    • Check in begins at 4pm on Friday
    • Please arrive in time to get oriented prior to dinner
How do I get to the retreat center?
    • is located at

      </google maps link>.
    • Flying In: You should fly into or airport and drive. The drive from is
    • Public Transit:
    • See rideshare provides opportunities by clicking on the link below:
    • (add link to click for need ride/from where? / I have room/from where?, also add available spot for contact info between participants) *not google doc
    • Shuttle services vary per location.
    • *We should be able to insert address and other available information pertaining to each retreat center.
What kind of food will we be eating?
    • You can expect three hearty organic meals each day
    • We can accomodate most dietary needs (you can make requests on the retreat intake form)
    • Snacks, coffee, tea and water will be available at all times
Do I have the option to stay Sunday evening after the retreat?
    • You can absolutely keep your room for an additional evening; many men do
    • Please email at to book any additional nights
    • *We should be able to insert contact and other available information pertaining to each retreat center.