Connect, learn and grow - both as a man, and as a leader of men - in this advanced, emotional-development and leadership program.

Our Most Comprehensive Training

Foundations is both a deep commitment to your own emotional growth and development, as well as a deep dive into the skills, tools and experiences you need to guide others.

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Commit to your growth as a man and a leader

Not just a leadership training program: This isn’t a passive experience. It’s a transformative, hands-on, deep-dive into guiding men through the fire, by going through it yourself first.

A solid path forward: Foundations program participants can go on to become EVRYMAN facilitators, bringing their lessons to life in their own community.

Grounded in our core ethos: At the core of our values is the notion that the best leaders are men who have led themselves through deep change, Foundations is built around learning from your own growth.

How Foundations Works

The first four months of Foundations take you through our most thorough and intensive emotional development program. This course is for EVRYMAN members who are really ready to go deep into their own work. It’s intense, but it’s worth it.

The last two months of this program build on your personal experiences in the first four months to give you a deep understanding of the EVRYMAN method. This training will allow you to incorporate our skills in your own practices as a leader, coach, or facilitator. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a community of other facilitators and grow your network.


  • Improve your tools: Build a foundation of skills, techniques and experiences that can be applied to your work as an EVRYMAN facilitator (if you should choose to head down that path).
  • Take your personal development to the next level: Further your own emotional growth and development towards living a fuller more-present life.
    Find your crowd: Connect in a deep and impactful way with a cohort of like-minded men on the same path.
  • Connect with yourself: Learn how to slow down, listen to, and connect with yourself.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are: Do the hard work of digging below the surface to understand yourself on a deeper, more meaningful level.
  • Learn how to own it: Learn how to step powerfully into your own being and lead.

What to expect

Because this is our most intensive program, we have to be upfront about the fact that this is a big commitment of time and energy.

That said, you are making this investment in your own growth and in the growth of the men you will be helping with this knowledge for the rest of your life – the value of this program will pay dividends for a lifetime.

Program Requirements

Weekly group meetings with your cohort and facilitator (additionally you’ll likely need to set aside 1-3 hours per week in personal prep work).

We’d love it if you were currently participating in a weekly EVRYMAN men’s group or equivalent group in your community. Men are encouraged, and supported, to start a group if you don’t have access to a group.

You must have completed the EVRYMAN MELT training, or equivalent training – If you haven’t done MELT yet, you may be able to join our upcoming one, or have 1-1 mentoring to be ready for the Foundations training.

All participants must agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Training:
30 Hours of group leadership, including mentoring an EVRYMAN group or supporting a group’s organizer.

Program Options

Full Program


Member price
Non-member price: $7200

Personal Work Training


Member price
Non-member price: $4750

Facilitator Certification


Member price
Non-member price: $2450

Note: Upon acceptance of your application you will be invoiced based on your preferred payment plan

leadership team

Owen Marcus

I’m Owen Marcus, co-founder of EVRYMAN. For the last 30 years I’ve been teaching men like you how to develop themselves more fully by addressing a side of themselves they often repress — their emotions. But before I could teach men, I had to learn how to do it for myself. Realizing my relationships were not relationships, I knew I needed to change. Hearing about men’s groups and their benefits I had resistance which was a clue that told me there was something there. Figuring all I had to lose was my pride; I started my first men’s group in 1995. During our first group I was immediately put at ease as men expressed similar feelings as mine, I knew I found what I needed and I knew I wanted to share it with more men.

I am Brad Golphenee, Senior EVRYMAN Facilitator. My curiosity of the human experience has led me down many roads. With over a decade of experience participating in Men’s Groups, sitting each week for 4 hours with other men, my life has forever changed. I’ve had the honor of learning from and working with Owen Marcus for over a decade. Together we’ve crisscrossed the country and trained hundreds of men in the EVRYMAN method to support their own growth and their groups. I’ve spent thousands of hours in EVRYMAN groups and coaching men one on one. My personal passion is to support more men in their growth so that they can lead other men. I am trained in Somatic Experiencing and The EVRYMAN Method. I currently facilitate and lead advanced training for EVRYMAN as well as coach men one on one via my own practice.

Meet Our Alumni

Matt Nadu
Adam Hansen
Craig Salazar
Dr. Paul Browde
Paul Senecal
Bob Noriega
Andrew Kippen
Matt Mikella
Mike Sagun
Tom Henle
John Stirpe
Ben Redmond
Avi Kotte
David Murphy
Michael Diramio
Stephen Kotev
Brian Von Ancken
Dan Doty
Nathan Schultz
Lucas Krump
Quinn Luke
Brett Morrell
Christopher Fletcher
Dan Maccombie


Jan 26th – end of May with retreat June 3-5, in Menla, Phoenicia NY.

We will host a 90 minute teaching call every other Wednesday at 5:00 PM Pacific Time.  In the off weeks there will be mandatory small group and / or triad practice group meetings.

You are only responsible for your transportation.

Full Program:

Non-member price: $7200

Just the Basic Program:

Non-member price: $4750

Just the Facilitator Program: $2000 MEMBER PRICE
Non-member price: $2450

Includes the training, access to recordings / videos, Live event (room and board). Does not include travel costs.

There are limited scholarships at this point, you must request and complete a scholarship application. No discounts beyond the member rate. Please inquire about the payment plan.

You can expect a deep dive into your own relational, emotional, and personal growth. A path to have you both learn the principles and skills through teaching and experience. We cannot teach what we have not experienced. You will feel confident in leading a man through a healing journey, lead a group through our process, and teach men how to connect to their emotions and “do the work”.

Yes. If you opt in for the full 6 month program and pass a simple assessment, you will receive a Certification from EVRYMAN validating your capacity to offer/do EVRYMAN’s Work to our standards.

Nothing is guaranteed but you will be first in line with other FT grads for opportunities to lead Drop in Groups, support retreats, and related facilitation roles.

This is our highest level training so you are at the pinnacle of learning the EVRYMAN Method. There will be future mentoring programs to allow for those wanting to lead retreats and programs on their own under the EVRYMAN brand.

We will offer practice and integration groups both during and after the training.

Class time will be 90 minutes per week. There will be another hour or more of absorbing the online material. There also will be triad and group time every week which would be over an hour. Every man will have a Foundation Training Project where you take the work out in the world.. We expect there will be other activities such as course assessments that you will be doing.

Not to enroll. But it will be required while you are enrolled in the FT to connect to the community of men and have more opportunities to learn and practice.

You can say you are trained as an EVRYMAN facilitator and if you take the full 6 month program you will receive and official Certificatiton from EVRYMAN.

In addition to applying the skills gained to your own leadership practice you will be eligible for paid opportunities with EVRYMAN. Opportunities include Lead a training session; hold space and lead a EVRYMAN Group; host a drop in group; assist at facilitating an EVRYMAN Retreat, start and lead an EVRYMAN Group; confidently support men through the EVRYMAN process.

No. but it is very helpful to be in a group and understand the dynamics. The more group experience you have, the more effective you will be as an EVRYMAN facilitator.