You Can Support Us Now!

Since we hit GO with EVRYMAN, we’ve received a wild amount of positive feedback, support, and attention. Countless emails come in daily saying one of 2 things:
How can I get involved and participate?
How can I support you?

With gratitude we are opening a channel to receive this support in a simple and ongoing manner. As a young, boot-strapped company we’ve been rich in passion and tight on cash.

Your contribution will go a long way for us to strengthen and stabilize our mission to bring men all over the world into deeper connection with themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

TRANSPARENCY CLAUSE: We are a B-Corp, which means we are a for profit company. We believe that to make this movement stick and for our work to reach as many men as possible it is best to be held accountable to the rigor and best practices of a corporation. Your contribution supports the salaries, operations, research and development and the growth of our mission in every way. We are dedicated to full transparency and understand that this transaction requires a deep amount of trust. Thank you for seeing us and believing in us.