Building a happier, healthier, more connected world


Our Mission

EVRYMAN is a Benefit Corporation that brings men together to exercise their emotions so they can lead more successful, fulfilling lives. We aspire to support one million men over the next five years through a community of men deeply committed to emotional wellness. 

We invest profits directly into operational costs, programming, and the technology required to better inspire and improve the lives of men, the communities they participate in, and humanity at large.

Our story

In late December, 2016, twenty five men gathered in western Massachusetts. We came together not to celebrate one leader’s brilliance, or to prescribe a certain way of being a man; instead, we wanted to unlock the collective wisdom of every man that participated.

Through a simple set of practices, we shared openly, challenged one another, and took each other to places we had never been before. We got real. It felt wild and transformative. And like something we had to share with the world.

And thus the vision for EVRYMAN was born. After that gathering, it became clear that we wanted to help:

  • Destigmatize men’s vulnerability and emotionality across our culture
  • Utilize simple emotional practices to help men develop new ways of interacting that lead to greater success, meaning, and fulfillment
  • Virtually anyone – regardless of training – start and run their own men’s groups
  • Create a culture of connection that can be shared and implemented in any setting, institution, or relationship

Since early 2017, EVRYMAN has grown rapidly across the globe. We’ve launched weekly Evryman groups, run retreats, expeditions, and launched our Veteran Integration Initiative (assimilating civilians and veterans). But we’re just getting started.

Andrew Kippen Photo