A community of men for men

Founded from our own desire to tap into the collective wisdom of every man, we now support thousands of groups all around the world with men’s wellness.


Our mission is to connect and help each other to lead more successful, fulfilling lives.
We aim to support one million men over the next five years.

Support for men

As a certified Benefit Corporation, we invest all of our resources into operational costs –
no one is getting rich off of this, that’s not the point.  We keep the cost of membership as accessible as possible because we believe that the world is a better place when men can be their fullest selves.


 In late December, 2016, a small group of men bunkered down in a western Massachusetts barn in hopes of having an honest conversation about their emotions. They knew that no one person had all the answers, but if they leveraged the knowledge and experiences of every man in the group some magic might happen.

Through a simple set of practices, we shared openly, challenged one another, and took each other to places we had never been before. We got real. It felt wild and transformative– like something we had to share with the world.

support for men

our vision


Create a culture of connection that can be shared and implemented in any setting, institution, or relationship.


Utilize simple emotional practices to help men develop new ways of interacting that lead to greater success, meaning, and fulfillment.


Destigmatize men’s vulnerability and emotionality across our culture.


Help virtually anyone – regardless of training – start and run their own men’s groups.

our team

Since 2017 we’ve dedicated ourselves to growing EVRYMAN so that the fulfillment
and emotional awareness we experienced could be available to as many men as possible.

Michael Lipson

Ebenezer Bond

Ebenezer Bond

lucas Krump

Lucas Krump

Aaron Kahlow

Duncan Rich

Owen Marcus

Owen Marcus

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