Dan Doty bio – Evryman

Dan Doty

I at excel helping men through seemingly unworkable situations.  Many of my clients are 28-33 year old men on the verge of stepping through a huge gateway into full adult manhood.  I love working with “classically manly” guys who have a hard time feeling and communicating. I also love working dads and men who are about to be dads–it’s a huge turning point in many men’s lives.

What are your areas of passion and mastery in assisting men?

Life Transition, Coming of Age, Fatherhood, Emotional Literacy & Dexterity

What about you makes you successful in these areas?

I’ve invested over 15,000 hours working with men and boys across all ages, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, educations, etc. I’m naturally very empathetic and also very action-oriented, which I blend together to create healing and accountability for growth. I’ve yet to find an emotional or spiritual intensity I couldn’t deal with. I can handle whatever you throw at me.


What is one unusual thing that made you the man you are today?

I’ve spent thousands of days in the wilderness in professional and transformational settings. It’s created a grounded-ness that allows me to handle any level of emotional intensity.

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