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Many men say groups are the best part of their week. Here’s why:

  • Life-long friendships
  • Accountability to goals and dreams
  • Learning to connect deeply with anyone in your life (romantic, familial, peer, professional)
  • Professional networking
  • Breaking down the belief that you’re the only one struggling
  • Practice giving and receiving potent feedback
  • A place to air your dirty laundry — and never be judged for it

What is an Evryman Group?

Our society doesn’t offer men strong models or tools to exercise our emotions — we can endlessly improve our bodies and minds, but we tend to neglect this deep human part of us.  

In Evryman groups, we gather in weekly meetings to practice to slowing down, getting in touch with what we’re feeling, and expressing it. This helps men wake up a deeply buried emotional self they rarely have access to. The results can be profound…

The fastest way to leading a more connected, fulfilled, and successful life.

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