There’s no manual or map for handling how technology will change our lives. Your job will be automated sooner than you think. The #1 skill of the future? Emotional dexterity, resilience, and creativity.

We’re blazing a trail into into territory few men have gone before. The benefits don’t just make your life better — they utterly change the world around you.

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Emotions are physiological. You feel them in your body — like your muscles. But rather than flexing and exercising them, men are taught to suppress them. Emotional log-jam leads us to be less collaborative, creative, and productive. (Oh yeah — and happy).

Maximizing your emotional spectrum leads to greater connection, creativity, insights, and joy. Which leads to greater success.

It’s the quickest way to discover and build the life you want.

All of our events revolve around the same core practice of slowing down, feeling, and expressing. The question is simply — are you committed to changing your life?

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