Men's Emotional Leadership Training

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Become a Leader of Men

You want your every action to send ripple effects to those around you. You know your words can inspire action, connection, and confidence. You know you are a leader of men.  And you want to help other men wake up this same capacity in themselves. MELT is for you.These retreats are capped at 24 men. They are intense, and deeply challenging. We all walk away sharper and more prepared to handle anything life throws at us. Gather in weekly meetings to practice to slowing down, getting in touch with what we’re feeling, and expressing it. This helps men wake up a deeply buried emotional self they rarely have access to. The results can be profound…


Uplift Everyone Around You

You’ll walk away from MELT being able to:

  • Skillfully elevate other men to realize more of their potential
  • Handle challenging or disruptive situations with ease
  • Create spaces where others feel free to let their brilliance to shine
  • Feel deeply challenged and supported by other leaders who won’t let you settle for less than your greatest
  • Illuminate blind spots in your own process that have been holding you back


The expedition faced me with the hardest mental and physical challenge of my life, and uncovered the power I've hidden from myself for over 6 years, which has uncovered my life's work and my life's success.
30, San diago CAL
It took mere days to make deep, life-long connections. If you are transitioning out of the military, or if you’re not sure what you're looking for, I believe Evryman has something important to offer you.
33, Salt Lake City, Utah
Evryman showed me the power of the connection all men share, and how we can support each other for whatever our current stage of growth needs.
37, cincinnati ohio


When does the retreat begin and end?
  • The retreat begins on Friday at 7pm sharp
  • The retreat ends on or before 4pm on Sunday afternoon
What do I need to bring
  • Outdoor clothing and footwear for hiking
  • Clothing for morning yoga
  • Small backpack for clothing layers and additional items on hikes
  • Water / Nalgene bottle
  • Rain jacket
  • Warm Jacket
  • Yoga mat (note: if you don’t have one we can provide you with one)
When should I arrive at the retreat center?
    • Check in begins at 4pm on Friday
    • Please arrive in time to get oriented prior to dinner
How do I get to the retreat center?
    • is located at

      </google maps link>.
    • Flying In: You should fly into or airport and drive. The drive from is
    • Public Transit:
    • See rideshare provides opportunities by clicking on the link below:
    • (add link to click for need ride/from where? / I have room/from where?, also add available spot for contact info between participants) *not google doc
    • Shuttle services vary per location.
    • *We should be able to insert address and other available information pertaining to each retreat center.
What kind of food will we be eating?
    • You can expect three hearty organic meals each day
    • We can accomodate most dietary needs (you can make requests on the retreat intake form)
    • Snacks, coffee, tea and water will be available at all times
Do I have the option to stay Sunday evening after the retreat?
    • You can absolutely keep your room for an additional evening; many men do
    • Please email at to book any additional nights
    • *We should be able to insert contact and other available information pertaining to each retreat center.