Jan 16–21, 2020

EVRYMAN Primitive Skills Workshop

Dancing Spirit Ranch
Kalispell, MT

Wake Up Your Body

These skills live in our DNA. We help create a container that is simply a catalyst for remembering what’s been lost or unfound in ourselves. 

What We'll Do

We’re going all in here, blending our traditional human connection programming with a holistic approach to nature and primitive skills in a week long workshop that will blow your mind.

We utilize a series of modalities to include body movement, breath work, cold water and meditation to create a dynamically powerful experience. We will spend the majority of our time in a workshop setting, crafting and working with wood each day. Each man will take home a functional, traditional wooden bow and arrow.

“Evryman showed me the power of the connection all men share, and how we can support each other for whatever our current stage of growth needs.”

Deep Nature Connection

We are slowing everything down and getting back to the basics. Our bodies can remember what our brains don’t know yet, and when we step into a wild place or into some ancient craft of our ancestors, like making stone tools or bows and arrows, the waking up happens fast. Not only can we remember a way of being more deeply connected, we can wake up to the truth of being and feeling whole.

“Over the past few days, I’ve learned some things about these guys that their closest friends and family members are not aware of.

I know what scares them. I know what excites them. 
I know what keeps them up at night and what keeps them going the next day. They know me better than some of my best friends. 
I trust them all implicitly.”

Is this right for you?

If you enjoy working with your hands, have a curiosity about ancient skills and want to experience a deeper connection to yourself and nature, this retreat is for you. 

There are three basic goals for you to walk away with at the end of our workshop; Have a life changing experience, create something practical with your hands and to experience deep nature and human connection.


* Payment plans available. 

"In every walk of nature one receives far more than he seeks."

— John Muir

Dancing Spirit Ranch

1600 Conn Rd, Columbia Falls, MT 59912

Retreat Leadership

Aaron Blaine

Lucas Tunkel