March 14–21, 2020


Black Canyon
Colorado River

We help men lead more fulfilling, successful lives by discovering and strengthening the full range of their emotions.


Outside of an amazing adventure, the unique elements of this trip are the intention, curriculum and facilitation of EVRYMAN founders Dan Doty and Aaron Blaine. The group processing elements are simple, direct and incredibly powerful. We will be creating a brotherhood / team setting that will allow every man to feel and express who he is on a deeply impactful level. Our events change lives, and we’re supercharging this expedition with the help of Mother Nature herself.

What starts off as a wilderness adventure, quickly becomes a journey through your own experience.

Why We Include Nature

If we simply brought 12 guys together for a week in nature without anything else, it would be a helpful, restful, growing experience. Our deep goal at all times is to create an environment that allows us to all relax and be ourselves all the way through. There is no better example or teacher than nature. In nature we literally have air to breathe, space to roam, and subconsciously we get more deeply connected to ourselves and each other.

You'll leave these experiences feeling lighter, stronger, and with a resounding sense of freedom.

Expedition Goals

  • Every man has a life-changing experience
  • Every man leaves more in touch with who they are
  • Every man leaves with practical and useful tools to employ directly in their day-to-day life
  • Together we create a palpable and deep sense of brotherhood

Retreat Leadership

Dan Doty Photo

Dan Doty

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sleeping bag should we bring?

Synthetic or down 30 degree and below with bivy sack.

Do I need to bring my own snacks?

No. We will supply you with a snack bag for the trip that includes a variety of granola bars, protein bars, etc. If you have particular favorites or special dietary restrictions, please bring snacks that suit your liking. Otherwise, we’ve got you covered.

How much should my pack weigh?

Ideally your pack weighs as little as possible. Everyone is different but a light pack is 20-30lbs. A heavy pack is 30-40lbs. Keep in mind that you’ll be asked to carry snacks, food, and group supplies on top of whatever you pack yourself so please make sure you have room to do so.

What should I bring and what gear is provided?

Basic equipment is available for rental. *See packing list
Everyman Expedition Gear List

What kind of food will we be eating?

Montana Alpine Guides will provide trail meals.
We typically pack in really good food / coffee. We will accomodate all food restrictions for all snacks and meals

What should I do for physical training to prepare?

Cardio based workouts
Back and leg weight training
Yoga / Stretching
Functional movement

Are there toilets?

No, we provide a toilet kit consisting of plastic bags, wipes and sanitizer. We will dig holes for human waste and take our trash with us. Our goal is to leave the wilderness with no trace.

What other hygiene items should I pack?

All you need is a lightweight toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste.
There will be opportunities to bathe in the rivers. Bring a small bottle of natural soap like Dr. Bronners to prevent contamination.

How much water should I carry?

We fill up with water periodically throughout the day from local rivers and streams. We will provide Aqua Mira tabs to purify the water in your cantene.
A minimum of 2 liters
2 large Nalgene bottle. We do not recommend Camelbaks because they often leak but if that’s what you have, bring it.

What about bears?

There are healthy populations of black bears and Grizzlies in these remote areas.
We provide bear spray and we hang all of our food and snacks far from camp while we sleep.
Traveling in large groups prevent bears from coming near us on hikes and in camp.
Our guides are well equipped and will inform us on proper procedures to handle wild animals while in the park.

How difficult will the hiking days be?

Hiking days will be moderate to challenging.
We cater each trip to a wide spectrum of fitness levels for all to enjoy.

What will the weather be like?

Temperature in the mountains can range from 30-90 degrees.
Please refer to packing list and prepare for all weather conditions

What style boot should I wear?

Your feet are high priority on the trail. Take good care of them!
Lightweight, comfortable, supportive, mid-length, rugged sole
Some boots require a break in period
Check out Salomon Quest, Asolo Fugitive, La Sportiva, Lowa, Merrill

What kind of socks should I wear?

Light-mid weight wool socks
Do not wear cotton socks, they will rub and blister your feet
Check out REI, Smartwool, Wigwam, Darn Tough

Where do we store our extra luggage/items while on the trail?

We will store any luggage/items not needed on the trail in a secure location.
This includes wallet, keys, cell phone, hygiene items and additional clothes for before and after our hike.
Bring a small bag for items you’ll want when we get picked up at the trail, including swim shorts for the hot springs, hygiene items, cash or credit cards for gift shops, a clean change of clothes or shoes.

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