Brad Golphenee Bio – Evryman

Brad Golphenee

What are your areas of passion and mastery in assisting men?

Trauma, Emotional Health, Relationships (Professional, Romantic, Personal)

What about you make you successful in these areas?

Taking a man deeper into his emotions, feeling the sensations of the moment, unlocking psychic blocks that get in the way, and holding space for the man’s experience requires precise intuition. I am intensely sensitive, and have been overwhelmingly successful working with men in this way. I help my clients feel safe enough to dive into their depths and discover what’s been holding them back. This process can lead to rapid transformation.

What is one unusual thing that made you the man you are today?

I did not spend a full year at the same school from 3rd grade to 9th grade. I taught myself to blend in, stay small, be quiet, and to stay on the fringe. In my teenage years, this shifted to rebellious and defiant behaviors. I’m grateful to my Men’s Group for my own healing. My two sons have been a primary motivator in setting up my practice to assist other men — changing the dynamic of what it mean to be a man will affect humanity for many generations and I‘m deeply committed to it.  

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