Andrew Kippen

What are your areas of passion and mastery in assisting men?

Relationships, Career, Stress, Anxiety, Burnout, Limiting Beliefs, Habit Formation, Productivity, Startups, High-Growth Companies

What about you makes you successful in these areas?

I spent over a decade launching, building and marketing companies before pursuing a new calling to help people move through stress, anxiety, and mental blocks to achieve massive shifts and goals.

I’ve devoted the past 4 years to studying hypnotherapy, NLP, Buddhist psychology, and embodiment techniques. Everything you are and everything you aren’t yet are in your subconscious. It’s my job to give you access to all the skills you might need to show up in the life you want.
What is one unusual thing that made you the man you are today?

As the son of immigrant parents, I grew up traveling back and forth to Europe. I have a degree from a Swiss University, worked for a European Embassy, and my wife runs a non-profit that does work all over Africa. Learning from all these different perspectives has shown me how to live a good life.