Aaron Blaine Bio – Evryman

Aaron Blaine

What are your areas of passion and mastery in assisting men?

Life Transitions, Military Transitions & Integration, Emotional Connection, Communication, Relationships (Marriage)
What about you makes you successful in these areas?

I lost my father at 11 years old and was constantly searching for great leaders to model myself after. I spent 15 years in the military as an Army Special Forces Operator, but suffered from anxiety, PTSD and depression upon return. I had lost my tribe. Joining Evryman gave me the skills to succeed in my community and I offer those same skills back to others. I now co-lead men’s retreats and wilderness expeditions all over the country.  

What is one unusual thing that made you the man you are today?

Living and working with indigenous peoples all over the world where I witnessed and felt a wide spectrum of culture and humanity.

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