Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Groups

Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Groups


These days, men face more external and internal pressures than ever. The pressure to perform, provide, and get everything right without showing our struggle keeps many from living their fullest potential. 

Finding an outlet to express your authentic self and grow as a person poses a unique set of challenges. You know you want to connect with like-minded men on the same path toward progress as you, but finding and joining a men’s group can feel intimidating. 

The good news is EVRYMAN is a welcoming men’s group that provides an entire platform of resources, retreats, and programs to meet you where you are and support you as you grow into the man you always envisioned yourself to be. After 30 years of working with men from all walks of life, we’ve developed a program that provides a foundation for men to start or restart building the life they crave. 

This post will guide you through what a men’s group is and if a men’s group like EVRYMAN is the right platform for you. Keep reading to learn how men’s groups can help you start making lasting changes in your life. 

Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Groups

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is a men’s group?
  • What can I expect when joining a men’s group like EVRYMAN?
  • Who joins men’s groups?
  • Can a men’s group really help me change my life?
  • How does a men’s group membership like EVERYMAN work?
  • Is EVRYMAN the right men’s group for me?
  • How do I get started with EVRYMAN?

What is a Men’s Group? 

A men’s group is exactly what it sounds like! It’s a group of guys who meet to discuss shared interests and support each other as they grow on their own personal journeys. While all humans are unique, men’s groups also vary widely in the type of programs and meetings offered. In this digitally connected age, you can find men’s groups online as well as in-person. 

Generally, a men’s group membership includes weekly or monthly meetings, special events, and exclusive training that help you develop into the man you know you can be. Effective men’s group memberships are facilitated by capable and trained experts who guide the group toward meaningful conversations that inspire connection and support for the issues that matter to the group. 

By offering a mix of activities, men’s groups offer a safe and comfortable place to share your experience and hopefully more than gain insight from like-minded guys who’ve been where you are. Group facilitators will never force you to speak up or talk about issues you’re not ready to discuss with the group. The point of men’s groups is to find support and let off steam with guys who all want the same thing – to become the version of themselves that has been hidden for way too long. 

You’re not meant to live your life in solitude. We are social creatures who need authentic connections with our peers, which is exactly what a membership to a men’s group like EVRYMAN offers. It’s a welcoming community of men where you can confidently and confidentially share what it is you’re struggling with and the direction you want your life to go. 

What Can You Expect With a Men’s Group like EVRYMAN? 

Men’s groups vary widely in the type of programs and events they offer their membership community. At EVRYMAN, we understand that a structured, science-backed approach is the best way to help our community achieve the goals they have for themselves. 

That’s why our group membership program has two components: our Fundamentals Program and our Core EVRYMAN membership. Both programs walk you through proven methods to move you from survival instincts getting you nowhere to a deep-rooted connection needed to grow. You’ll gain the confidence and skillset to share your authentic self with the world and make better decisions in your everyday life. 

Our membership programs are welcoming, low-pressure environments where you can share your life experience with other men going through the same things. We know that every man expresses himself differently, so we meet you where you are. We never force our members to participate or open up when they’re not ready. Instead, we offer different weekly opportunities to grow in a way that feels comfortable for you.

Peer-to-peer groups, special local events, expertly facilitated discussions, and mind-body sessions are on the calendar every week to give you the opportunity to learn and grow. You can expect to connect with a group of guys and work through the curriculum and specific topics, including:

  • Improving relationships
  • Creating purpose in your life
  • Facing challenging life transitions
  • Improving physical well-being
  • Strengthening mental health
  • Building emotional intelligence
  • Importance of breathwork
  • Yoga practices
  • Boosting productivity
  • Navigating stress
  • Communicating your needs

In addition to these topics, you have a robust judgment-free community of like-minded men from around the world who support you as you achieve your biggest goals. 

Who Joins Men’s Groups? 

Men of all ages, professions, ethnicities, and backgrounds join men’s groups like EVRYMAN. Because EVRYMAN started with a commitment to help men explore a deeper awareness of themselves, our membership program is for men ready and willing to connect with other men from around the world to grow and move forward together. 

Having said that, EVRYMAN membership programs are not the best fit for every man. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all approach or you’re unwilling to change your limiting h, a men’s group membership is likely not the best fit for you. 

If you’re considering joining a men’s group because you’re ready to invest your time and energy into developing new skills, behaviors, and practices, then you’re likely in the right place. 

Typically, men’s groups like the EVRYMAN membership attract men who…

  • Want a comprehensive program offering topical groups, special events, proven programs, and exclusive resources that improve their life. 
  • Are interested in diving deep into science-backed methods proven to help transform the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Are ready to actively participate in peer groups and support fellow members who are facing similar life challenges and striving to reach audacious goals. 
  • Know they want to move past preconceived beliefs on how men should look, think, and behave and dive deep into physical, mental, and emotional balance.  

If you resonate with any of the above, you will benefit greatly from joining other men in a men’s group membership like EVRYMAN. 

Can a Men’s Group Really Help Me Change My Life? 

Committing to changing your life is no small task. The reality is that changing your life is not as easy as simply joining a men’s group or attending a retreat. Changing your life takes consistent dedication in all areas of your life. 

Luckily, EVRYMAN’s men’s group program is based on a science-backed method to get you where you want to go. Combining somatic understanding, emotional physiology, and a solid psychological base means you’ll gain a deeper awareness of yourself. 

If you’re anything like the thousands of men we’ve helped, you’re probably struggling with insurmountable pressure, overwhelm, and emotional fatigue. To change your life and become the person you always imagined yourself to be, you must learn who you are at your core. Through our program, you’ll learn how to honor and respect your emotions while learning how to respond to them in a healthy way. 

You can expect your life to improve after joining EVRYMAN’s men’s group program in the following ways:

  • Relaxed self-confidence. No more questioning if you’re “man enough.”
  • Deeper connections. Foster deep connections with yourself and others.
  • Happier. Wake up excited about the changes in your life while seamlessly tackling challenges with newfound tools. 
  • Healthier relationships. Learn how to communicate with those around you, and have a better relationship with your mind, body, and spirit.

While simply paying your men’s group monthly membership dues won’t be enough to change your life, wholeheartedly committing to the process of bettering yourself through our many programs, events, and peer-to-peer calls can make a difference. 

How Do Men’s Groups Like EVRYMAN Work? 

Every men’s group membership is different, just like the men who join them desire different outcomes. While we can’t speak to what joining other men’s groups is like, we can explain EVRYMAN’s process for helping men like you become the version of themselves they always thought they’d be. 

By and large, men’s groups offer some sort of structured platform to connect, learn, and grow with other like-minded men. But EVRYMAN is unique in its mission to help more than one million men connect and help each other lead more successful, fulfilling lives. 

We do this by understanding that one size does not fit all. We keep you accountable with a proven platform of groups, events, programs, and exclusive tools to tackle the issues you’re facing so you can start living the life you’ve always dreamed of having. 

Starting with our Fundamentals Program, a science-backed 4-week online intensive, you can expect to develop your somatic understanding and emotional physiology and deepen your biological need for human connection. Our core membership program is stress-tested by guys from all walks of life to ensure our framework works to help you dig deep. 

With EVRYMAN’s core men’s group membership program, you can expect –

  • Weekly peer-led men’s groups with a curriculum designed to tackle important issues and encourage member participation.
  • Facilitated drop-in groups on topics like relationships, purposeful life, and handling big life changes. 
  • An online community to connect with like-minded guys from all over the world striving to achieve big goals. 
  • Weekly interactive somatic sessions to introduce mind-body practices to build inner strength, calmness, and productivity. 
  • Networking opportunities with industry-leading doctors and scientists ready to help you tackle your personal development goals. 
  • Life-changing members-only events like training and retreats to connect with members near you. 

Our men’s group membership includes even more tools and discounts to guide you through up-leveling your skill set and facing life’s challenges with newfound confidence. 

Why Is EVRYMAN the Right Men’s Group for Me? 

Men’s groups, including EVRYMAN’s membership program, are not right for everyone. But if you’re willing to commit to a comprehensive overhaul of the way you think about what’s possible for you, a men’s group is a great place to start. 

When you join EVRYMAN, you must be willing to be transparent and honest with other members while maintaining the confidentiality of the personal conversations shared. If you’re not ready to let your guard down and connect with your peers on topics from sexuality to professional development, EVRYMAN may not be for you. 

Our membership is based on open dialogue and a willingness to change your preconceived perceptions of manhood. Men’s groups like EVRYMAN are great places to lessen your overwhelm and have some fun, but it’s also a place where we challenge you to be better. Your peers and our expert facilitators are here to encourage and challenge you to transform your life. If you’re not ready or willing to actively participate in this way, we suggest you take time to consider changing your beliefs before joining. 

EVRYMAN’s men’s membership program is right for you if:

  1. You’re looking for a structured men’s membership program with weekly peer-to-peer groups, local events, topical programs, and new tools and resources to improve your life.
  2. You are interested in applying research-backed methods to improve your relationships, communication style, and the mind-body connection.
  3. You’re willing to be vulnerable and actively share your experiences in peer-based groups and support other men on their journeys.
  4. You know you need to clear the head trash that’s keeping you physically, mentally, and emotionally stuck from being the person you’ve always said you would be. 

How Do I Join the EVRYMAN Membership? 

Joining the EVRYMAN men’s group membership is an easy three-step process. First, you’ll want to choose the membership plan that works for you. We offer monthly and annual membership plans that include access to our Fundamentals program and our core membership community. 

Once you’ve joined, you’ll start with our 4-week guided Fundamentals intensive, where you’ll build the emotional intelligence needed to thrive in all areas of your life. Access to the Fundamentals program is provided immediately upon signing up for a membership plan. 

After you’ve completed the 4-week Fundamentals intensive, you’ll access our core EVRYMAN membership community. From the main platform, you can join our weekly peer-led men’s groups and expert courses and find local EVRYMAN events near you. 

If you’re ready to stop holding back and make the changes you need to expand your community and your life, we’re ready to welcome you to EVRYMAN. Click here to learn more about the EVRYMAN men’s group membership program, and join today



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