Community Profile: Corey McCarthy

Community Profile: Corey McCarthy


Name: Corey Michael McCarthy

Location: Sunny Buffalo, New York

Corey McCarthy

Who are you? 

First, I was a son and brother, then I was a father, next I became a husband and stepfather.  I am many things to many people. I am hope, strength, perseverance, growth, I am a protector, a builder, a restorer. I am a man who can play like a boy. I am human.

When did your EVRYMAN journey begin? 

I started my EVRYMAN journey in the Pelican Bay prison long term solitary confinement wing. That is where I met Tom Kubik. He is a member and there was a confidence he carried himself with that was attractive. He and I were volunteering in the prison and he told me about EVRYMAN.

Who were you before? Who are you now? Who do you want to become?

I was strong, independent, kind, and helpful, but somewhat incapable of close and deep relationships. Now I’m happily married and a leader in working with the restoration of men and purpose in them. In the future I would enjoy becoming even wealthier in friendships and helping the world heal. That sounds satisfying. 

Who has EVRYMAN impacted the most in your life?

My wife and by extension our children. My wife because I can now actually allow her to see me fully. I can be with her and make space for all that she is.

If you could have one person join EVRYMAN who would it be?

If I could choose only one person to join Evryman… it would be me. So that I could do exactly what I am doing.


Well, I am a craftsman and understand the value of a useful tool. If you don’t learn to listen to and feel your emotions, they will take over your life and limit you and your future generations. EVRYMAN has the ability to teach you to listen and feel. 


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