12 Ways to Start and Enhance an EVRYMAN Group

12 Ways to Start and Enhance an EVRYMAN Group


EVRYMAN is an organization that helps men connect with their emotions, their authentic selves, and each other. The idea is that by forming tight-knit groups where men can openly share their feelings and experiences, they can improve personally and professionally. If you’re facilitating or a member of an EVRYMAN group and want to help its members thrive, consider the following strategies:

  1. Foster Trust and Safety:
    • Create a safe space where members feel they can share without judgment.
    • Set clear group guidelines for confidentiality, respect, and empathy – use EVRYMAN’s set of Group Agreements.
    • Ensure everyone understands that the primary aim is to listen and support, not to offer advice unless asked.
  2. Consistent Meetings:
    • Have regular meetings. Consistency helps build trust and momentum.
    • Ensure punctuality and commitment to respect each member’s time and effort.
  3. Skill Building:
    • Focus on emotional and relational skill building, speaking from your experience, not your head, and taking risks to be vulnerable.
    • Utilize the free trainings that you have as an EVRYMAN member.
  4. Set Personal and Professional Goals:
    • Encourage members to set clear, measurable goals and periodically check in on progress.
    • To further success, create an accountability system within the group.
  5. Encourage Vulnerability:
    • Lead by example. If you’re a facilitator, set the tone by sharing your feelings and challenges.
    • Normalize the expression of emotions. The more members see this, the more they will feel encouraged to do the same. Prove it’s safe to be vulnerable by taking risks to share what you may not want to.
  6. Diverse Perspectives:
    • Encourage diversity within the group. Different backgrounds, professions, and life experiences can offer varied and enriching perspectives.
    • Welcome new members to bring in new energy.
  7. Challenge and Support:
    • While it’s essential to provide support, sometimes members also need to be gently challenged to push beyond their comfort zones.
    • Ask open-ended questions that encourage reflection and deeper thinking.
  8. Professional Development:
    • Share resources like books, articles, courses, and seminars that might help members in their professional journeys.
    • If desired, invite senior EVRYMAN men to your group to help grow the members skills and group brotherhood.
  9. Collaborative Projects:
    • Consider working on community service projects together. It not only offers an opportunity for personal growth but also fosters teamwork and leadership skills.
    • Create activities for the group and your families – have fun.
  10. Feedback Mechanism:
    • The best feedback is your bodies. Train yourself and other members to listen to your physiological response to help connect to your emotions and speak them.
    • Create a system where members can give and receive feedback on their growth and their contribution to the group.
    • Periodically evaluate the group’s effectiveness and adjust as necessary.
  1. Networking:
    • Provide opportunities for members to network, both within and outside the group. This can lead to professional opportunities and collaborations.
    • Connect with other groups and organizations to learn from and support each other.
    • Become an integral part of your community.
  1. Self-Care and Wellbeing:
    • Emphasize the importance of self-care. Discuss techniques like somatic mindfulness meditation, exercise, breathwork and yoga.
    • Share resources on mental health and wellbeing.

Remember, the essence of EVRYMAN is about authentic connection. By ensuring that everyone feels seen, heard, and valued, you’ll be creating a foundation on which personal, professional, group growth can thrive. Utilize the support that EVRYMAN offers its men and groups. The founders of EVRYMAN have been starting, running and supporting men’s groups for decades. They have studied and applied the leading research on emotional physiology to help men get the best ROI from their time in groups.


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